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The Nest Game

Posted on: 01/30/03, 16:41:08
Peanut loves the nest game One of Peanut's favorite games — and one he made up himself — is the Nest Game. Now, the nest is a good toy that sits in the corner of his house. Once, and usually twice a day, I put a couple of snacks (Cheerios, bird snacks, the favorite sunflower seed) in the bottom, fill it with paper strips from a cross-cut paper shredder, and put a small cap from a vitamin jar on top. Peanut flicks the cap off (a crash that often wakes me up in the morning), flicks the paper strips out, and eats the snacks. He'll go back to the nest several times during the day to make sure he's found all the snacks, make spit balls out of the paper strips, and chew on the nest itself.

The Nest Game, however, is different. Every morning I take the nest out of Peanut's house so I can clean it out. One day while I was doing this Peanut jumped onto the edge and went for a ride. Then, he started flicking the leftover paper strips, looking for more snacks. Being the pushover that I am, I "hid" a sunflower seed under the few strips that were left, and a new game was created! Sometimes he finds the seed right away, eats it, and goes back to his house, and sometimes he walks around and around the edge of the nest, hunting for more snacks. This isn't a great photo, but it's a really good game.


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